Research Paper (Structural Analysis):

Research Paper

Design of movable frame structures using modified Cross procedure

An new procedure for static design of movable in-plane frame structures is presented in the paper. The presented design procedure was derived using the modified traditional Cross procedure (TCP).

The modification of the TCP has resulted in significant improvement of the design algorithm of movable frame structures as compared to TCP, especially as to elimination of the need to conduct greater number of individual iteration procedures, and to solve linear algebraic equation systems.
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by MSc. Alen Stupar, September 2016

Technical Paper (Audio):

Technical Paper

S3L-Cable Geometry for Audio: Do you really think that symmetry is symmetric enough?

Do speaker cables cause really differences in sound? Sure, but whether a high-quality cable improves the sound first depends of the ability of your audio system to accentuate such improvements. Is your loudspeaker "sensitized" to reproduce those differences in sound?

The S3L-concept operates on the following premise: magnetic interaction between each of the signal conductors can be minimized, in that each of the signal conductor in the pair, as well as the cable in a closed loop, have the same inductance. Read more about the topic!

by Dr.-Ing. Draženko Šukalo, December 2022