DSLab-Audio Product News

DSLab introduces a new low-distortion op-amp topology for audio applications.

PN3: The upgrade op-amp that takes your design to a whole new level of sound.

Either your old equipment or more recent design with op-amp DSLab is taken on a journey to another level both in sound and reliability for a fraction of the cost of similar ap-amps. A new discrete composite op-amp is manufactured by DSLab according to the new op-amp topology und will be available soon to those who want quality sound for a cost the fraction of what you would expect. The dual version is pin-compatible with existing standard op-amp and is designed for a broad audience for the purpose of a "plug and play upgrade for better sound", or for specialists both for testing purposes and for your own future development.

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Technical excellence serving the great sound:

  • Combined feed-forward and feedback amplifier topology
  • Standard available as dual op-amp
  • Both low-distortion and moderate open-loop gain
  • Short circuit protected output
  • Stunning quality
  • Hugely improved natural sound with more detail
  • Absolute quality parts manufactured in Germany by DSLab

Get live his sound at the live demonstration at the HIGH END 2011 show in Munich

PN2: An High Definition Flat-TV meets up with DSLab's fullrange Flat Panel Loudspeaker

DSLab will demonstrate live at the HIGH END 2011 Show a new active flat panel loudspeaker: The Model MFP-211 is a low profile small-sized full-range (a subwoofer is not necessary) high end loudspeaker that simply hang from the wall like a picture frame and has a front area of about 25x52 centimeters.

Whether for your Home or Professional.. Enjoy the sound of DSLab's new monitor flat panel-loudspeaker for more accurate dynamics and live-sound experience and relive the music and engineering combined by art itself. Purpose built for mounting on the wall like a picture frame, the 2 1/2-way coaxial loudspeaker system provides extended dynamic range and exceptional stereo imaging, full-range low bass yet in a small-sized flat panel cabinet that's only normally obtainable with much larger enclosures. Low frequency output can be increased through our patented 2-phase dynamic push-pull drive design. For additional information about our new design please read the technical paper entitled " Coaxial Flat Panel Loudspeaker System with Dynamic Push-Pull Drive".

For Technical Info as PDF-document (163 KB) please click here!

PN1: Get S3L-Cable® Series and obtain high quality at low cost

The Interconnect S3L-311 Air includes the latest evolutionary improvement in the cable design known as the S3L-Cable® geometry (based on the DSLab-patent, see PDF Datasheet). Their basic idea states that magnetic interaction between the signal conductors can be minimized, provided that each of the single signal line, as well as the cable in a closed loop, have the same inductance. S3L-Geometry was designed by dividing cable loops (L3) into two segments (L1, L2) for which the magnetic coupling between were calculated in according to the relation L1=L2=L3 (see the illustration below).

DSLab New S3L-Cable® Solution: Interconnect S3L-311 Air

Thus the S3L-311 Air has the unique S3L-Cable® geometry while the signal lines are surrounded mostly with the air for a minimum dielectric loss. The S3L Cable Series was developed under the conditions of excellent technical performance and mechanical robustness. These two opposing requirements, namely the use of the air for the insulator and mechanical stability of the cable, are unified in this technology to provide our customer a number of critical technical advantages and an attractive selling price. S3L Cable® Series is designed as the highest-performance class analog low frequency cables, and has ultimate transparency as required for high-end audio applications.

•S3L Cables• audible cablexcellence technology

S3L-311 Air: Meeting high quality at low cost

  • Perfect symmetric S3L-Cable® geometry
  • Standard length = 1m
  • 3-strand cable for balanced or single-ended signals
  • Standard available with WBT-0147 Midline Cinch
  • Standard available with Neutrik XLR Connectors
  • Mostly air for signal conductor insulation
  • Non-shielded but optional as shielded construction
  • Low cable capacitance = 40 pF
  • Excellent mechanical robustness
  • Reference series for ultimate sound transparency